Just an Article Celebrating the True Aussie Spirit!

As we hit the 26th of January 2021. It was a day that marked a wonderful time to Celebrate Australia Day!

What does this mean for all you folk out there….

It simply means to go out with your Family, some Mates, or even some Strangers and enjoy a BBQ. It meas to Celebrate this Blessed country of our’s with both Pride and Honour!

It means to grab a Bike (BMX One preferably) and jump off…..

Emmmmm. Forget that last part!

When I hear people tell us that we are ‘quote end quote’“The Lucky Country” you can defiantly see as to why.

We have a great Southan Land that is Vast, Safe, Couzy and…. Well…. Almost…. Free!

So without further a do, Here are a few remaining Australia Day pic’s from RNDM-BMX to you.

Hope you enjoy……

But as well as Australia still holding it’s key value as “The Lucky Country” it is also unfortunate that this “Lucky Country” is going through quite a bit of Change. And although Change ‘not always a bad thing’ can be quite different for us all in one way or another, I ‘myself’ am quite unsure of what to think of this new kind of Change sweeping over the Land Down Under.

If you are simply not too bothered by this Change, then an Official HAPPY AUSTRALIA TO YOU, and good-bye! :)

However, if you also feel like this new kind of change seem’s to be taking over this country in some kind of strange way or another, then please allow me to invite you down The Rabbit Hole a little further. But please be warned, it may not be all that pretty, unlike the model’s above of coarse….. :D

In the meantime, tell your friends!